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The world of beauty in 2020 will see many exciting changes! Consumers are no longer trying to emulate the supermodel in the magazine ad. Total opposite! Beauty companies are now making campaigns more familiar and attainable to the consumer. In return, the consumer invests in the brand because he/she feels comfortable with a brand that is easy to identify with.

Welcoming and Embracing the Mature Consumer

The phrase “anti-aging” will most likely no longer be with us. Instead of promising to fight the impossible aging process, more brands are marketing to the mature consumer by professing to protect and nourish the skin. Aging is no longer seen as the end of one’s beauty, but rather a breath-taking fact of life that is to be embraced and not avoided. “Healthy” skin no longer means “younger” skin.

A Natural Beauty

Another beauty trend is the use of natural ingredients. The opposite of an era when smoking was sexy, sophisticated, and cool, consumers now are eating healthy, exercising, and are very discriminating about what products to use on their face and bodies. Makeup brands like Becca, Too Faced, and Urban Decay pride themselves in being vegan brands. Small organic beauty brands like Juice Beauty are rapidly making a lot of buzz on the beauty scene. One of the natural ingredients that are currently in the spotlight is CBD. This non-psychoactive agent plays a major role in our skincare businesses. While this is tending to attract more of the younger Generation Z demographic, CBD has shown to be appealing to generally all beauty consumers due to its cosmetic benefits, like soothing acne-prone skin.

Less is More – Minimalism

Colors are beautiful, but in 2020, the motto of “less is more” renews itself. Before, foundations were the key to flawless coverage and a finish of perfection. Now, however, consumers no longer want perfection. They want REAL. Skincare is huge for 2020! Nourishing and perfecting the largest organ on the human body (especially the face, since that is what everyone sees) takes priority over dramatic eyeshadow and blush colors. Also, consumers want to preserve what they have rather than cover it up with foundation and concealer. While the Glam look is always a hit, consumers now see it as too time-consuming and pore-clogging for daily life.